traffic information [TI].

TrafficWise TI™ provides an easy and efficient method of ordering, receiving, and viewing traffic engineering and customer service studies by automating the entire process needed to produce a report.   TI™  "talks" to the switch automating every manual step of switch interaction decreasing cost and turnaround time.  While customer traffic studies have traditionally been a labor intensive process for network administration, network operations, and engineering, taking six to nine weeks, TrafficWise TI™ takes only minutes to initiate and start reporting. 

This allows customer traffic studies to be used as a powerful sales and service tool with little or no impact on the network organization. The software generates a study that graphically displays busy rates, list all available data, and calculates the number of lines needed based on standard traffic models.  TrafficWise TI™ can also offer a point of differentiation in the customer service and support arena allowing you to proactively recruit customers by demonstrating an enhanced level of service compared to your competitors.  With TrafficWise TI™ you can offer your customers the "best in class" level of service.

For the
network organization, TI™ saves time, minimizes errors, decreases labor and increases efficiency.  By automating switch configuration, it eliminates the need for manual operations and manpower costs don't increase with the number of  traffic study requests. Because one individual can administer multiple switches and switch types, TI™ reduces the need for complex training and the level of expertise needed to perform traffic studies.  And since data is delivered as quickly as every 30 minutes, network operation knows almost immediately if data is interrupted.  So you don't have to wait until the end of the study to find out is wasn't set up correctly.

TI™ gives your sales and marketing departments the information they need to forecast sales of new services, identify ideal customers for existing products and services, and further segment your customers based on usage patterns.  In addition, TI™ will quantify the sales opportunity, telling you how many additional lines a customer needs. TI™ automatically tabulates and analyzes raw data, so your account executives can spend their time selling.  It generates weekly reports so your systems designers can analyze and optimize your customers' networks.  And it identifies trouble spots in your customers' networks so you can provide them with the right type and number of lines.  With TrafficWise TI™ you can offer your customer the "best in class" level of service to help you win and retain more customers.

Process without TI™ 

Process with TI™ 

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