engineering reports [ER].

TrafficWise™ Engineering Reporting, or ER™, is a comprehensive network engineering tool that automates switch, trunk, and peripheral line reports to support capacity management, network planning, engineering, and administrationTrafficWise ER™ automates traffic data collection and the calculations needed to analyze the data.  It stores and uses continuously reported switch data retrieved from a data collector or directly from the switch.  Unlike other systems, ER™ also automatically retrieves reference data about the facilities, such as number of circuits, routing patterns, and signaling type to include in the reports and be used in traffic engineering and utilization calculations.   Built in engineering tables automatically provide actual capacity and ER™'s thresholding feature can spot trouble areas 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Major Features:

  • automates data collection, engineering, analysis, and reporting for trunk groups, peripherals, and switches
  • automates report production and email delivery
  • automates collection of reference data for enhanced reporting and management
  • produces busy hour, high day, threshold/exception, and detail reports
  • permits thresholds to be used across the switch, or individually on peripheral devices and trunk groups
  • allows customization of  engineering preferences
  • targets selected facilities for reporting by allowing users to exclude individual facilities or types of facilities
  • automatic categorization of trunk groups for targeted reporting based on class, signaling, far end CLLI, or manually assigned
  • assists with administration by providing easy access to system event logs and different views of operational measurements, including individual facility selection
  • Optional access to all data collected from switch for customized reporting using TrafficWise RW™.

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