Inventory management [IM].

TrafficWise IM™, automates the collection and reporting of shelves and cards in remote terminals and digital cross connects.  TrafficWise IM™ provides actual capacities for use in network planning and actual inventories for use in asset management.  IM™ reports the shelf ID, type, and capacity along with the number of cards active, cards positioned out of service, and cards available.  In addition, TrafficWise IM™ includes the number of ports assigned and ports available as well as the number of cross connects installed, looped, assigned, and spare.  And best of all, it's completely automated, right down the distribution of reports via email, at any time and interval you desire.

Types of equipment that can be inventoried include Lucent DACS IV, Tellabs Titan 5500, Titan 532L and the AFC UMC 1000.  Analysis includes equipped shelves, plug-ins, and cross connects.  In addition, the analysis of the AFC UMC-1000 traffic measurements is augmented by switch operational measurement data. 
Any equipment type can be easily added.

Example report

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