demand and forecast [D&F].

TrafficWise D&F™, is a demand and forecasting reporting tool that automates the collection and analysis of data for capacity planning and management.

D&F™ provides for the easy entry of forecast data and automatically collects utilization information from TrafficWise ER™ and inventory information from TrafficWise IM™D&F™ then graphs forecast data against utilization and capacity over time to provide the complete picture of your switch, past, present, and future, easily identifying trends.

Any data can be viewed using pre-defined graph templates that you can modify and save as new templates.  Or you can create your own graph from scratch and save it as a template to use over again.

D&F™'s "chart editor" allows complete formatting control over all graphs including colors, line types and graphs types including pie, line, bar, 3D and others.

Also, allows all data to be easily exported to Microsoft Excel, HTML, and ASCII file formats.

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