the product family.

TrafficWise products bring network information to the desktop.  TrafficWise "talks" to the network, initiating engineering studies, gathering operational measurements and switch reference data, performing analyses, and producing reports, all automatically.  All TrafficWise applications share an open architecture and a Web browser interface which supports multiple platforms and decreases costs.   TrafficWise is a straightforward solution to your network business information problem. 

TrafficWise TI™ [traffic information] Automates the processing and reporting of customer traffic studies.

TrafficWise ER™ [engineering reports] Automates the processing and reporting of switch, trunk, and peripheral traffic engineering reports for network engineering and optimization.

TrafficWise IM™ [inventory management] Automates the collection and reporting of shelves and cards in remote terminals and digital cross connects.

TrafficWise D&F™ [demand and forecast] Automates reporting for capacity planning and management.

TrafficWise DC™ [data collector] An economical and scalable data collector for use by TI, ER, IM, D&F, or other OSSs.

TrafficWise SI™ [switch interaction] Provides a framework to automate any manual switch interaction and collection of data.

TrafficWise RW™ [report writer] Reporting tool for creation of custom reports.

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